Lord Robartes Regiment of Foote, a 17th Century English Civil War re-enactment group within The Sealed Knot (SK). We specialise in living history displays and drills of pike, musket and drums.
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See our Regiment throughout the year

See our calendar of our Regimental and Sealed Knot events over the year. These take place across the country and in some fascinating places, from traditional villages to original battlefield sites and historic venues.


Some of these are Regimental events, where with 20 to 50 members of our Regiment providing a display and often living history you can get much more ‘hands on’.
Major musters are large scale battles involving many 100’s of re-enactors from the Sealed Knot. Complete with artillery and cavalry they give a very vivid representation of Civil War battles.

 Mini musters as the name suggests are just slightly smaller battles and typically without cavalry. Living history gives you the opportunity to be amongst people re-creating the crafts and family life of the 17th century.

2019 Events Calendar

Here's the latest on our plans for 2019. Not all these events and dates are yet confirmed. Watch this site for more details.

January - March

26 Janaury - Battle of Nantwich, Cheshire
Parade and reenactment of this pivotal battle in 1644. A great spectacle. More


April - June

20 - 22 April - Basing House, Hants
Recreating this iconic siege on the original site. More

25-27 May - TBC
Bank holiday event.

8-9 June - National Botanical Garden of Wales
Large battle. 

15-16 June - MIlton Keynes History Festival
Experience  history throughtout the ages in this multi-period re-enactment and living history event, first held in 2017.

29-30 June - Cropredy Bridge, Oxon
A large scale re-enactment of this pivotal battle in the Engslih Civil War.

July - September

7 July - Marston Moor, Yorks
Memorial march on the site of this pivotal battle.

14 July - Kimbolton Country Fayre, Cambs
A return appearance for our Regiment. Come see us in action with displays and living history.

27-18 July - Cheriton, Hants
Re-creting this decisive battle in 1644.

24-26 August - Scampton Hall, Yorkshire
A lareg scale battle re-enactment.

October - December

12-15 Septmber - Crowland Abbey, Lincs
A spectacular re-enactment of a unique 'set-to' in the perod and living history camp, in a unique setting.

7 October - Sibford school
Educational event - not open to the public.

13 October - World Conker Championship
Our Regiment is always delighted to support and take part in this unique event!

19-20 October - Edgehill, Warwickshire
A skirmish commemorating the opening battle of the English Civil Wars, this month in 1642.

2 November - Buckingham Fireworks
See us help this go off with bang!

In 2018 you'd seen our members 'living the 17th century' at.... Nantwich, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Basing House, Boddington School, Elopoli (Italy), Rocroi (France), Jaca (Spain), Bristol, Banbury Show, Earls Barton Carnival, Newark, Kimbolton Country Fayre, Naseby, Ashby-de-la- Zouch, Claydon Estate, Palmanova (Italy), Avon Dassett, Bradgate Park, National Civil War Centre, Bratislava (Slovakia), Sibford School, World Conker Championship, Edgehill, Buckingham Firworks, Buckingham Chritmass Parade......and I'm sure a few others!

Where you'd have seen our members recently 

Siege of Basing House

Amazing Basing

Re-creating one of the iconic sieges of the English Civil Wars on the original site of the house. Picture credit - John Beardsworth

Battle of Nantwich

We love Nantwich!

Once gain we returned to the welcoming reception of the people of Nantwich in this traditional 'season-opener'. A commemoration that the Sealed Knot has ben doing for 44  years. Picture credit - Nantwich News 

Fenny Compton Church

Making amends 375 years on

Back in the day Parliament troops besiged their Royalist enemies, couped up in the church and leaving bullet holes in the door as a reminder.
Roll forward to today and three of our intrepid musketeers help repair the bell tower - making amends for the sins of the past!

Sibford School

Bringing the 17th Century to life for students

A fourth invite back to this school and an opportunity to portray different charachters from the period to bring to life the many different perspectives on this unique period in our history. 


375th anniversary battle

The Sealed Knot at its best - a full scale reneactment of the opening battle of the Civil Wars in 1642. 

Crowland Abbey

Re-creating the 'crazy' siege of 1643

Back in the day both sides claim victory, a Cromwell on both sides ( including the famous one) and after a month long siege only three died ( and one of those feel off the roof). 
Today, it was musketeers firing from the Abbey roof and fire pikes lighting up the battle lines!

Bradgate Park

Home to Lady Jane Grey - 9 day queen 

Superb living history camp and skirmish in the beautiful surroundings of this national park.

Scampston Hall

August Bank Holiday echoes to the clash of pike and musket

Another crowd-delighting large scale pitched battle - pike, musket, cannon and cavalry.