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Our Regimental and Sealed Knot events over the year take place across the country and in some fascinating places, from traditional villages to original battlefield sites and historic venues.


Some of these are Regimental events, where with 20 to 50 members of our Regiment providing a display and often living history you can get much more ‘hands on’.


Major musters are  large scale battles involving many 100’s of re-enactors from the Sealed Knot. Complete with artillery and cavalry they give a very vivid representation of Civil War battles.


Mini musters as the name suggests are just slightly smaller battles and typically without cavalry.


Living history gives you the opportunity to be amongst people re-creating the crafts and family life  of the 17th century. Meet some of our living history community.


Some events are multi-period, at which you get to experience other period of history from the Romans to Word war II.