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 Living History.

What better way to bring history to life than being able to immerse yourself in the period.


Our Living History camp, one of (if not) the best, most extensive and most authentic, enables you do this.


Depicting military and civilian life during the Civil War period, our members love nothing more than sharing their knowledge of life and times during this period.


This is not a museum like experience. These are up close and personal demonstrations of original civilian trades and military drills, and above all the opportunity for people to try for themselves.


Success for us is people taking away a little knowledge about this period in our history; possibly an appetite to find out more; and a memorable experience (and countless photos!).


Meet just some of our Living History community:







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Living History


The Bodger


The Cooks


The Calligrapher


The Candlemaker


The Gunsmith


The Herbalist




The Seamstress


The Shot-Caster


The Tinker


The Turner


The Willow Basket Maker